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Ruff-Face Ent. presents:

Crackula Goes to Hollywood

A take no prisoners one fang vamp sends a message about drug addiction when a mysterious man from Alaska known to be from the dark side becomes addicted to sucking crack blood. He single handedly attempts to clean up the streets of Hollywood of crack users and later drug dealers in a most unusual intervention.   

Genre:  Romantic, Comedy , Thriller

Official Site:

Director writer producer: Freddie Rhone

Introducing: Kid Koppe as "Crackula"

Cast:   Eric Newnham,  The Mixon Brothers, Monica Leon, Keyonna Benoit,  Aktion Jackson, Lillian Lee and others.

        :Run Time: 104 minutes

​Hollywood's most diverse film ever !!!


Crackula The Movie
Crackula The Movie
Crackula The Movie

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