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Ruff Face Productions LLC was formed in 1997 in Los Angeles California. The Company is the Brain child of Freddie Rhone “On The Phone", a songwriter turned film producer. Rhone’s first big break came in 1986 when he wrote a song and produced a television commercial along with attorney Gloria Allred for a Child Support campaign. Over the years  Freddie has worked and learned from Industry giants like his friend and  mentor Antonio "LA" Reid who gave him his first publishing deal in 1990 (Jay Bird Alley) . LA Reid introduced Freddie to Clarence Avant in 1989 where Freddie helped inspire the first Black owned Computer game company in America, licensed by Nintendo through Motown Games - Mandingo Entertainment Group. Also Freddie has written and produced songs for artist and acts like Otis Williams, The Temptations, Jackie Jackson (Jacksons), and Mikki Howard, Shock G, Tupac, Thug Life, Ice T’s Tuff Break Records, Spice One and hundreds of others.


In 1999 Freddie got into films after working with world-renowned television star William Shatner where he took Shatner into the studio and co-wrote the theme song for Shatner’s movie "Free Enterprise" which led to Shatner doing a number of songs including singing jingles like Price Line TV. commercials.

Presently Freddie Rhone serves as CEO at Ruff Face Entertainment as a film-maker who has written over twenty scripts for his Ruff Face production company.


In 2006 Focus Features/Grammacy Pictures purchased the rights from Freddie to co-produce a film with Tracy Edmonds entitled the “The Welfare Queen" which was scheduled to star Queen Latifia at the time. Ruff Face has acquired the rights back and has decided to go forward with the film with a different distribution company.


In 2010 Freddie Rhone participated and appeared in the international documentary "All You Need is Klaus" featuring Carly Simon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Twiggy, Randy Newman and more.


In January 2013 Ruff Face entertainment has just completed post production for two films to be released in 2013 “CRACKULA GOES TO HOLLYWOOD" and THE WORLDS CIVIL RIGHTS SOCIAL MOVEMENT" featuring Martin Luther King late daughter Yolanda King. Ruff Face entertainment filmed Yolanda in 2003 but after her untimely death decided to release film in 2013 which is the fifty year anniversary of her fathers “I HAVE A DREAM" speech.


Ruff Face Entertainment is a complete production company team that does quality Independent Films, Music and Television from concept to finish including post production with offices and a studio near Downtown Los Angeles California.


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